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Dear Eli :: Twelve Months

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Happy first birthday my littlest love!!

I am so proud of you and of your first year on Earth. You are a spunky, cuddly, affectionate, strong, and bright little boy now. No longer a baby! You have started standing this month. On the 5th of November. Since that time you have been standing more and and more. On your first birthday you stood for ages – clapping your hands and carrying on. You are growing up so fast. xo

All your belly buddies have had birthdays this last month (you are the last), so we have been off to tons of parties. It was also Uncle Hayden’s birthday party and your cousin Jade’s first birthday party. So we’ve been busy! You seem to love parties and celebrating. Lior has been making us practice for his birthday, so we sing Happy Birthday and open pretend presents most days. We even eat cake (well, you don’t… you just eat fruit!) You have had quite a lot of practice now, and so it was no surprise that you vigorously clapped your hands and smiled wide when you opened your gifts and everyone sang YOU happy birthday! I love to celebrate you Eli. When I see you smile and hold me tight I know that even when I worry that I’m not doing a good job as a Mummy, I am. I’m doing the best I can for you and Lior, and just quietly, I think we’re going pretty well.

Your birthday was full of lots of wonderful things. Daddy bought you a special birthday babycinno when you went out in the morning, and then when you got back we opened presents in bed. We had our playgroup breakup at Chipmunks all morning which was lots of fun. It was so lovely for you to see your friends on your birthday! In the afternoon you slept, and we grabbed some quick smash cake photos before we headed out to the beach for dinner with Grandma & Pa, and Marzy. It was a full and busy day, and judging by the lovely smiles and cuddles you gave everyone I think you really enjoyed yourself. I am so proud to have you as my son.

12months - monthly baby photo

 You and Lior both got a little bit of a Summer cold this month, but it quickly cleared up. I was quite sick too! No fun!

Uncle Amon & Aunty Ané babysat you one night while Mummy and Daddy went out. You are so good at being looked after, and you love Amon & Ané. It seems that Pa is one of your favourite people at the moment (maybe because Lior steals Grandma straight away?!), and you always have a big cuddle and huge smile for him when you see him!

This month you have started being a bit rough with Lior. You have been pulling his hair, and hitting him with toys! Yikes! I’ve been having to quickly re-learn how to discipline and manage an 11 month old’s behaviour, and try to show you that it’s not okay to hit your brother, and that you need to be kind and gentle. I’ve been reading some tips about practical parenting that has helped! It’s still hard to know what you understand and what you don’t. You are a cheeky little boy, and sometimes I don’t know what to do when you laugh or smirk after you’ve hit Lior (or me!). I’m still learning how to manage two kids at once I guess!

You still wake up annoyingly early. 4:45am nearly every morning, with the sun. Daddy usually takes you out for a coffee and a look at the beach, but this month I’ve done it a couple of times too. This is love Eli. Love for you and love for your Daddy!! Because you know what? I love to sleep! While your early waking is definitely a bit of a pain, the up side is that you hardly wake in the night anymore. The last week or so I am pretty sure you have slept through the night, or maybe woken a few times to rearrange yourself and get back into my arms to cuddle. 

Early in the month you started teething your eye teeth. Even now I can still feel the big bulges on  your gums, but nothing has come through yet. There are lots of teething symptoms, and for me, I know that when you want to breastfeed lots and you’re restless at night, that means you’re teething! They are quite miserable teeth to get, and those nights you fed LOTS, and needed lots of extra cuddles. I hope it helped you my darling!

Eli Adama, I can’t believe it has been a whole year of YOU! I love your smile, and the way you sign to be picked up and have a cuddle. I love the way you laugh so HEARTILY (especially when you’re playing with Lior). I love the way you cuddle into me and feel safe in my arms. I love the way you love to explore and climb and keep up with your big brother. You two will have lots of adventures over the coming years. I can’t wait to see it unfold. I love you. I love who you are right now. I can never get enough of you Eli. Mwah!

Love Mum

12months - monthly baby photo

Dear Lior : Sixteen Months

Lior PIcard 16 months

Sometimes I still see the baby in you… when we’re in the bath together and I spot some otherwise non-existant back fat, I remember that chubby three month old… And then the other week you were sleeping in your nappy and singlet, just like when you were new, and you pulled your legs up so they were crossed and, well, maybe it was the fact that it was dark, so I could only just see you, and you had your eyes scrunched closed, and your feet are still so wonderfully crooked… I just took a sharp inhale. It was my one week old Lior laying there! Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones playing tricks with me…

So yes, I am pregnant. I have been since you were 13 months old. I have breastfeed you through most of that too, which hurt sometimes. I wondered when you will be ready to stop, but just three days shy of your 16 month birthday I weaned you. So you are now no longer breastfed. I agonised over this decision for a long time. I sought the council of some wise women, including your Grandma, and ultimately made a decision that was best for our family. I want you to know that sometimes in your life your Daddy and I will make decision that you don’t like, or that are not the very best thing for you personally, but we will always make decisions that we believe are best for our family as a whole. Sometimes that will mean that yes, we do make a decision that is best for you, and Daddy and I always put your needs ahead of our own, but sometimes, like with this decision, it’s not exactly what you want. I will write to you more about it later, but for now I want “grown up” you who is reading this to know that you’re not distressed or upset because you stopped feeding. A little confused maybe, and a little bit sad when you remember, but definitely not angry. :)

You LOVE cars and anything with wheels, and I’ve decided it is best that I follow your lead with what toys and games you are interested in rather than just offer you the things I WANT you to play with! Of course I will still offer the things I like such as crayons, and indeed you do play with them sometimes, but I bought you a matchbox car the other day, and I have asked Grandma to pick up a trike for you, so it is waiting for you at home! So you can probably stop stealing everyone else’s trikes at the park now…

On the 20th of April you got two new teeth, and then a week later you got your last “first molar”. So you now have 12 teeth. Every now and again they still give you a bit of grief as the last little bits come through, but mostly it is all over. I think we would both like a little reprieve now for a while, as teething three molars at once was NOT FUN!! I haven’t seen you in that much pain for many many months. At least this time I knew what was wrong, and could help you through!

This month you have travelled through Italy (Rome, up the coast to Cinque Terre, and through to Milan and back), and Budapest in Hungary. Next month we plan to tick up to five more countries of the list!

On the first of May you started running! You are so quick, and you fall down sometimes, but you just pick yourself up and keep going. I am so proud of your resilience!

Your favourite key on the keyboard is the space bar. You beam with pride when I open up a little document for you and let you type away. If you can see Daddy doing the same thing, you are extra proud!

You like to eat corn, red kidney beans, bread and pasta. You use to like bananas and other fruit, but it tastes different here in Hungary, so you have gone off it a bit. You also really love peanut butter.

You can say “mum” “dad” and “Uh Oh” really well, and in the right context. You are also AMAZING at comprehending what we are saying. Just yesterday we were sitting together on the floor and I said to you, “Can you get me the Peppa Pig book?” (a Peppa Pig activity book in Italian, so you can continue to learn Italiana when we get home, and you’re older), and you actually got up from my lap, walked into the lounge, found the right book and brought it back to me!! WHAT. IS HAPPENING?! Sometimes you are eating something and I need to take a break from handing you things and so I say “Just wait”. So you actually nod you head to say “yes” (you nod and shake your head for yes and no very competently) and then sit there staring at me and don’t ask me for any more for like 20 seconds. It is quite amazing. Instead of “wait” Daddy says “aspetto” which is wait in Italian, and you know what that means too.

You are getting a bit cheeky, and when we say “no” (you definitely know what yes and no mean!), you sometimes just give us a grin and then carry on doing it. So I think we will need to investigate some disciplinary measures!

Your favourite book is “Goodnight Sleep Tight” by Mem Fox. Your Aunty Fairlie gave it to you for your birthday, and you request it every night before bed, and multiple times during the day. You like to dance to the sing-song-y rhymes!

This month you also celebrated Mother’s Day with me. Yesterday in fact! You and Bean treated me to a wonderful breakfast, and a we’ll have a photo shoot when we get home so that we can remember our beautiful family, just the three of us. :)

I love you Lior Picard. And I love your name. Now that I’m pregnant again I often think about when you were this little inside me, and the miracle of birthing you, and how far we’ve come since then. I think about the joy you bring, and the love I experience daily because of your presence in my life. I am so incredibly blessed to be your mother, and I love you more than words can say. You are my sunshine. I love you.

<3 Mum


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Dear Lior: Eight Months

Dear Lior,

Instead of calling this ‘the eight month’ we’ll call it ‘the month Lior got a gazillion teeth’! At the beginning of the month you got your top two side teeth (like fangs), and they came through easy enough. Then for the rest of the month you teethed three teeth at once! The middle two, and one bottom ‘fang’. The bottom fang came through a week ago, and it is only in the last day that the top two have cut all the way through. I am praying to God that we please, please, please get a break from all these sleepless night your teeth have caused. I take great hope in the fact that because you now have SEVEN teeth, there are not many left to have, and so teething is not going to last forever!

This month daddy has started working from home. You and he both have enjoyed this, because you get to spend so much more time together! No more long commutes for daddy, and he can just easily come into the other room when you are doing something exceptionally cute (which is quite often nowadays!).

You are much more proficient at giggling now, though prefer to just smile.  Other things you are doing this month include reaching out for things from the sitting position, pulling things toward you, and in turn, pulling yourself towards things (you’re just starting out with this). You are also slowly mastering the art of drinking out of a cup. We have tried straws and sippy cups, and even though I’ve given them to you for months now and tried to show you their ways, you still don’t seem to ‘get’ it. My mumma instincts are telling me that you would like some water with your meals to wash them down, so I have been letting you sip out my cups and water bottles. You get very wet, but have improved heaps, and nowadays keep a decent amount in your mouth, and even swallow. Lol. :-D

Speaking of feeding, you have increased your boob feeds a bit in this eighth month, even though you are stuffed with big people food. You feed every 3 hours, almost without fail. Unfortunately this is the MAXIMUM you have been sleeping in one sitting most nights too. You always go back to sleep after a feed, but nothing else but the boob will satisfy you. Thankfully you have maintained your 7pm-6am night sleep, even if there are 5 or so wakeups in that time. I am hoping once the teeth have come through you will be back to your old self. If not, we will have to look into the possibility of something else bothering you!

In the day you can stay awake for much longer periods of time without getting cranky. You were just making three hours between sleeps when you turned seven months, and now that you’re eight months you are definitely making 3 hours, and get a bit cranky after that.

Towards the end of this month I have felt like you are looking like you want to crawl. You’re getting very strong and moving your body around more easily. Just last week you started pulling your torso so far forward you’re NEARLY in the crawl position. I’m putting my bets on you definitely crawling by the time you’re 10 months, so that gives me 1 1/2 to 2 months to get the house a bit more baby friendly! To be honest Lior, I am really happy with you staying still for as long as you like! Please don’t be in a rush to grow up and move around!

You are very cute Lior. Lots of people tell me so. A suprising amount of strangers tell me actually. Just people who are walking towards us and see your smile. You love to smile. I remember when Grandma and I thought you might not be a person who liked to smile, because we had to work so hard to get one from you! This is certainly not the case! I would say that apart from sleeping, this is the thing you do most in the day.

Other things you’ve done this month include going to Zion’s first birthday party, helping mummy screen print at Beth’s house, your first and second visits to the osteopath, and our second filming session for the Triple P course dad and I have done. Funny story about that – I have you trained well to smile at the camera (I guess this just happens when you so often have it in your face and are told to smile!), and so when you were being filmed, and supposed to be focussing on the toys, or on me, you very much enjoyed just staring at the video camera and smiling! Hopefully they can still use our times together for the research. :-)

Lior, you are very independent. You love to feed yourself, and collect things by yourself. If daddy or I put our hands on you and you don’t like it, you now take our hands in yours, and throw them off!

Lior, this month I want to tell you that even though I am the tiredest I’ve been in 4 months (not since you were up all night with your wind pains), I love you more than ever. When you smile, I can’t help but smile also. When you cry, my heart breaks for you. When you hug me, I feel I get overwhelmed with love. And when you do clever things I think I’m going to burst with pride!

I love you.

Mum xo

Hey Lior, daddy here. I’ve been wondering lately whether you think your name is really “Bello” because I’ve been calling you that a lot. I’ve been able to work from home a lot lately and it’s so nice to see your smiles during the day. Mummy brings you in to my office while I’m working and even though she has interrupted me I can’t help but stop and give you a cuddle because you’re always so happy to see me. I’ve never smiled and laughed so much as I have this month, being home with you. I love you.


Diary Entries {Used, Desperate & Breastfeeding}

On Tuesday night I nearly gave up breastfeeding. It had been a long night with Lior waking up every every hour to 3 hours crying out. He had also taken a good hour and half of serious, full on crying to get to sleep after his 9pm feed. He didn’t want to lie down. He didn’t want to be picked up. He didn’t want to be cuddled. He didn’t want to be breastfed. He would stop crying when we (on multiple occasions) just gave up and brought him out into the lounge room, into the light, but you could tell he was tired. He wasn’t happy, he just wasn’t crying. We didn’t give him any nurofen because he had been waking up a LOT the last few nights, and assuming he was in pain, Luke had given it to him. It didn’t help then, so I assumed it wouldn’t help this night either.

At 2:30 in the morning, after trying to get him to sleep (again) with songs and pats and even cuddles, and then giving up and breastfeeding him again, I felt used. I felt like giving up. I cried out to God and told him I couldn’t do this anymore. That I didn’t WANT to do this anymore. I told God that if I had to wake up one more time that night I would be buying formula in the morning. Even when I said it I felt something inside me say “you’re not really going to do that…”. I ignored it. I sat in the rocking chair, in Lior’s room, in the dark, breastfeeding him and I cried. I cried big fat tears of tiredness, defeat and a smidge of contempt. As I sat there I was reminded of something I’d read in the Wonder Weeks apps just that day or the day before about how this is usually the age where women stop breastfeeding, because it’s hardest. Even my stubbornness didn’t care. I just thought “So be it. I’ll be like everyone else”.

I came back to bed, and because of all of Lior’s crying Luke was awake. I cried in bed, and he heard me. I cuddled me, and was there for me.

4:30 came and Lior was crying again. I woke up nearly in tears that time, and trundled down to his room in a daze. This is it. He’s woken up again. It’s over. I had given up trying to sooth him any other way, so I put him straight on the boob. He wriggled around and was obviously not happy. He sucked for just a few short minutes before pulling off. Definitely not what he wanted. He sucked some more, and bit me so so hard. He has two middle teeth on the bottom, and a tooth either side at the top, so my boob just sorta squished between all four teeth. Ouch. I probably sweared at him. Not my finest hour.

When we woke up in the morning, I fed him with puffy eyes that told the story of my tears the night before. He looked up and me smiled, then at his daddy and smiled again- totally oblivious to the pain he’d caused us last night. As a baby, he was too focussed on his own, and I guess we were the same. We were focussed on the pain of waking up, and less on his unknown pain. Luke asked me about last night, and I told him how I felt used. He told me he understood exactly, but that as parents this was probably not the last time we would feel that way. I thought he was quite profound.


So we had had a few days of craziness before this night (and after). Almost a week of it maybe. A week of not knowing what was wrong, of trying all sorts of things, and nothing working. We tried nuerofen, bonjella, being strict, being lenient, cuddles, feeds, pats, and songs. We tried adventures during the day, and quite times at night. What was most frustrating was the fact that he only seemed to be acting up at nights. Maybe this was my payback for writing about his sleep?!

This morning when he was laying on his change mat, and I was dreading putting him down for his nap, even though he was a bit overdue for it, I looked in his mouth, and what do I see? A FIFTH tooth, just under the surface. One of those top middle teeth. I don’t know if they were the cause of all our troubles, but I imagine the had something to do with the troubles of last night (we were back similar to the night I described above, except I gave him neurofen at 2 and so we slept for 4 hours after that- yay!).

Now that I could see this tooth just under the surface it was like all the confusion and anguish just stopped. I didn’t feel flustered or confused or used anymore. I felt like my baby was hurting and he needed me. I put bonjella on, making sure to get that middle gap (coincidentally this was an area of his gums that probably didn’t get bonjellaed much when we were putting it on- it’s hard to get into), and I sung him a gentle song. He grizzled when I put him in his cot, but I put my hand on his tummy, kept singing, and he quickly closed his eyes and went to sleep.

I was so shocked at how this ‘lightbulb moment’ in my head could (seemingly) make everything so much easier. I feel like it was all these things jumbled into one. Like Lior was thinking, “Bonjella on my gums? Check. Happy mummy? Check. No tension in the air? Check. Okay, I can sleep now.” And he did.




This is typical 5 month old you- reaching for a toy, or having a toy in your hand, and mouth open ready to bite down! That tooth from yesterday is nearly through (I can see it just under the surface!), and your toys will be very thankful when it is and they can have a bit of a break from being bitten like crazy! This rattly toy is your favourite. You like it when we shake it and make noise with it. You try to shake it yourself but get very easily distracted and just start eating it!

Ouch, Teeth!


Ouch! Teeth hurt! After getting your first tooth last Tuesday Lior you are working away at the one next door. Hopefully it’ll come through soon, cause Mumma hates hearing you cry, especially when you wake up in tears!

Lior’s First Tooth!

Let it be known that on the 26th June 2012 Lior Picard Carbis got his first tooth!

I was visiting mum, dad and Hayden at work sitting around the table with Uncle David, going through some work things with Lior chewing on my fingers when I felt it. It was quite funny, cause I just errupted saying “Yay, yay, Lior, you’ve got a tooth! Congratulations!”, so everyone sort-of stopped work for a little while and celebrated with us. It was sweet. xo

He was 5 months, 1 week, and 6 days old. He hasn’t settled down much, which makes me think the one next to it is making its way down too. So exciting!