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Because Flying with toddlers is like Childbirth…


My best kept secret (until now), and worst kept secret from Luke is that I actually hate flying for more than 4 hours. Our NZ and Hobart trips were no problems, but I was having a bit of anxiety in the lead up to these two flights we’ve just been on (10 hours to Seoul, 12 hours to Tel Aviv).

Luke explained to me a few days before our trip, that flying with toddlers is like childbirth. Booking tickets is like getting pregnant. Then you just wait and wait until the big day comes, planning, but not really sure how it will turn out (at least you know more or less how long it will take!!), and once you start labour, I mean, the flight, you can’t get off until you get to the other side!!

Then when you get off the plane/give birth you are overcome with excitement and love and you see the beautiful new country, or your beautiful new baby, and it’s suddenly all forgotten, and all worth it. Then a few years time you do it all again!!

This is the truth about flying with toddlers…

Insadong-gil – a hip area in Seoul, South Korea

 April 14th 2015


The first time Luke & I went to Korea we stumbled across the sweetest little afternoon street, and enjoyed our time exploring, buying beautiful handmade things, and sitting in tea shops. I was determined to see this street again, as it had been hard to find on the internet, and after walking through Seoul for HOURS, we finally found it!

By the time we got there though it was dark, but still brought back lots of memories! We walked down a cute little side street (I love the old right next to the new that you find all through Seoul), and found this place for dinner.

It was reasonably priced, and the food was hearty and delicious! Our meal came on a big hot plate – rice layered on the bottom, beef in the middle, and assorted veggies placed neatly around the edge in piles (corn, grated zucchini, carrot, bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, etc…), then our server came over and tossed it all through for us (so glad he did this or we never would have known that’s how you’re meant to eat it!!). We ate it with our assorted pickles and kimchi and seaweed salads, and it was yum!

Insadong-gil - the hippest street in Seoul!


The Children’s Museum in Seoul, Korea

April  14th 2015

On our second morning in Seoul we planned to meet our Korean friends Grace & Jun, and their daughter Jeanie and go to the Children’s Museum. Due to a bit of miscommunication (my fault entirely!) we thought we were meeting them at the museum, and they thought we were meeting near our apartment. In the end we didn’t get together until later (for lunch), but the boys and I still enjoyed the children’s museum. 



The Children’s museum has free entry, and is a really great place to go if you need to escape some less favourable weather outside (as we did, because it was raining this day!). As an adult I found it quite enjoyable too, and even Eli, who is only 16 months liked walking around and not being told “don’t touch!”. :-) 

After our time at the Children’s museum we headed to meet our friends at Kyobo bookstore for a look around, and then headed out to lunch with them.