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Siphon in San Fran

I had an amazing coffee experience today in Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco.

Siphon coffee.

First up, the barista measures out some water to the milligram into a beaker, then puts it on a stand over a heating element.

Boiling the water

He then measures out the right weight in beans, and picks through them with his fingers to make sure they’re all perfect. Then he finely grinds them.

The water boils through a filter into an upper chamber. Once it’s all boiled through, the ground coffee is added.

The barista stands and watches it, stirring occasionally and turning the heat down while it brews. It’s a fast extraction – about 90 seconds.

After a timer says it’s ready, the barista removes the equipment from the heat, and the coffee filters back down into the lower beaker.

Despite the busyness of this popular café, my barista finds me to serve my coffee. He tells me about the flavours, the process, the beans, and asks if I have any questions.

The drink itself was exceptional, almost like French Press, but with the nuance and character you might expect from a good wine.

Served in a beaker

A++. Would recommend.

Pepsi Next

Product Talk by Nuffnang

From time to time we get asked to review a product on our blog. I jumped at the chance to try out Pepsi Next, mostly because I wanted to try my hand at some product photography (if I’m going to be perfectly honest). Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH If I drink any soft drink, it’s going to be sugar free. Pepsi Next is not sugar free like Pepsi Max – so that put me off from the start. But then I read the ingredient list on the back of the can, and realised the whole point of this drink. It’s not a diet cola. It’s a better-for-you cola. Diet Soft Drinkers – how many times have you had this conversation:

You: Sugar is bad, so I drink diet coke (or whatever) Annoying Person: Yeah but sugar isn’t as bad as all the chemicals that are in diet coke

Which, you know, is probably true. Whatever. All soft drink is bad for you. Moving on. Pepsi Next’s best feature (in my opinion) is that it contains no chemical sweeteners like the aspartame and acesulphame potassium that are found in other cola products like Diet Coke (and Pepsi Max). Instead, it is sweetened using the Stevia plant. You know that Natvia sweetener you see in expensive eco-bio-fairtrade-green-hippy coffee shops? Same thing. So while it’s not sugar free, if you really want to drink a soft drink, the small amount of sugar might be worth it to avoid some of those icky chemicals. Actually, come to think of it, Pepsi Next would be a great cola mixer. Scotch and diet coke just don’t go well together. Pepsi Next would do the trick quite nicely. Also: it really does taste like Coke. I can’t tell the difference. To prove it, Pepsi are doing blind taste tests around the country. Find out more on their Facebook page. Pepsi Pepsi made out of Sexy For the sake of completeness, Pepsi Next is available at most places where the Pepsi range is stocked and in a range of sizes to suit all occasions.