It’s no secret that kids grow up quickly; one minute they’re babes in your arms the next their feisty five-year-olds. Being a parent might be a lot of hard work but it’s important to treasure every moment. With the fact that kids grow up fast in mind, that’s why it’s so important to record them via photos and videos throughout their lives.

As well as amateur family snapshots, having a professional family portrait is also a fantastic thing to do. There’s something intensely beautiful about professional photography. Of course, organising a family portrait can be a little tricky. Especially, when there are so many aspects to think about. From the best photographer to use to how you and your family will dress. That being said, if you know what type of image you want to create and pick a skilled photographer, it doesn’t have to hard to get your pictures right.



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To help you ensure that your family portrait captures your family perfectly, here’s what you need to do:

Decide on the portrait style

First things first, you need to pick a portrait style. This is important because the style that you choose will dictate two things. One, the look of your pictures, and two, the photographer that you can use. All photographers work in different styles. So if there’s a certain type of image that you want, you need to pick a photographer who works in that style.

That being said, sometimes with kids things don’t go to plan. So when selecting a style of portrait that you want taken, it’s important to understand that the image may not be exactly, as you dreamed it would be. Kids wriggle, move and sulk, so there’s no way to guarantee a ‘perfect’ picture. However, what you can guarantee, by using a good photographer, is an image that captures the essence of your family.

Find the most amazing photographer


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Once you’ve picked a portrait style, the next step is to source the perfect photographer. What it’s important to do is look for a photography company that specialises in family portraits, like Kiss Photography. Choosing a specialist company will increase your chances of getting a beautiful picture.

Ideally, you want to choose someone who is used to working with young children. Once you’ve found a photographer that you like, ask to see a few examples of their work, to get an idea of how they work. You could also ask how they would deal with a stroppy, sulky child in terms of getting a good picture. The chances are they’ve got a couple of tricks up their sleeve.

Make it fun for the kids

To ensure that your family portrait, perfectly captures you family, it’s important to make it fun. Children get bored easily and it’s important to realise that. So finding ways to make your photo shoot fun is important.

Instead of having it at a studio, why not opt for a natural-looking photo that’s taken outside? This will make capturing your little ones in a good mood a whole lot easier. Especially if the location you choose for your photos is somewhere that they love.

Getting a beautiful family portrait is all about the location that you pick and the photographer. For a shot that you love, you and your family need to feel comfortable with who you’re working with.