choosing a baby name when you don't know the gender

…. is hard. Especially again. Why do we do this to ourselves?!

Choosing Lior’s name was interesting (I’ll share that story soon), but this baby? SO much harder. Luke and I have basically just put our heads in the sand, and we refuse to talk about it. It seems to be the type of baby issue that leads to… heated conversations. Not the kind anyone wants really.

I was talking with a friend the other day who asked if we still had Lior’s girl name as an option. I said yes, but I guess I don’t know. THAT is the level we are talking about baby names in this house! Boy names are the hardest though. I mean, Lior was named Lior because that was only one of two names we both liked, and we had YEARS to think about baby names the first time.

Of course, I have my own little lists of names I like, but the one time I did list them all off to Luke he didn’t like any of them.

Our criteria for names is basically unusual but not weird. Like Lior. Unless we move to Israel he is unlikely to ever have another Lior in his class at school, BUT it’s a legitimate name, and not weird, which is also quite important.

So do you have any name suggestions for us? We need boy and girl ones. Only 12 or so weeks to go, time to start choosing!

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