After I put the month in the title of the last blogroll, I thought that would actually be a pretty good idea – almost like a summary of the things I’ve seen on the web this month. It would also stop me from accumulating things in the one post over several months and therefore making some comments/links a bit unrelated to my current life situation. So here we are with July’s blogroll.


I love this film by Georgia of their time at “The Planting” earlier in the year. It has actually led me to look up what The Planting actually is, and now I am pretty keen for our little family to go next year!

This post by Cherie over at Raising Master Max made my heart swell with pride for someone else. Isn’t that a funny thing? Someone I’ve never met – only ever read, and I am so happy for their achievement and what they’re able to do. It makes me think about how we need to all make decisions that we’re proud of!

This month I started some (basic) gardening here at my parent’s house, and planting a heap of garlic was high on the agenda. This article was helpful.

This article at gardenate is for my zone, and it too has been helpful as we decide what to plant in the newly weeded veggie garden!

I’ve been loving Rhonda’s Dow To Earth blog. I’ve just rediscovered it after not reading it for a few years, and it is really speaking to me a LOT. I particularly like the idea that you just start with one thing, and then add more as you gain confidence, experience, and time.

I love the idea of applying permaculture principles to your home, not just your garden.

I’m back revisiting this post by Sarah Wilson as we ferment like crazy this month.


This was interesting about toddlers and books. Lior just loves to read and be read too, and I think I might try and set up his books like this in the future.

We don’t plan to toilet train Lior just yet, but this month I’ve been reading about it more purposefully to prepare myself, and also be aware of the signs of his readiness. I really think this is an important step. This article over at Science of Mom (one of my favourite blogs) was a nice starting point, and I have followed her links to other useful information and blog posts.

I’ve been surprisingly interested in Montessori this month, as it seems to keep popping up everywhere I look. In general I do really love the theory of Montessori, and I think it’s a learning style that can be adapted really well to learning at home (even if your child goes to daycare/kindy/school). This article on the Montessori infant environment is really lovely.

And lastly, I’ve been considering if I want to have another baby shower with this pregnancy. I do, as I think pregnancy, birth, and this baby are all things worth taking time out to celebrate. But I also don’t want heaps of… stuff. We got so much last time, and we still have it ALL, so there are really only three or four things on my list of things I am going to buy, and they are all “big” things that I wouldn’t expect other people to contribute to. I remember I had read about Blessingways last time I was pregnant, and I think this might be the right path to go down this time. The focus of them being on the mother, and the pregnancy/birth experience, and welcoming baby into the world in a gentle, loving way. It’s designed to be a really positive experience. There are a quite a few things to consider about how my blessingway would look (I like calling it a “Birth Blessing” as opposed to a blessingway also), but this post gave me a good idea of what it can look like, which is nice. 🙂