Cinque Terre – Monterosso Sunset // Italy 2013



Monterosso is known for its beaches and shopping! Lots of wine, hotels, resturaunts, etc. There are beautiful historical places to visit as well, but for us, we just needed to see the last place before heading him with a very worn out toddler, Daddy and pregnant Mumma! Monterosso is a perfect way to end your Cinque Terre experience too, as the sun setting over it is just magnificent.

None of the photos I’ve shown in this series on Cinque Terre can really showcase just how beautiful it really was. Honestly, it was one of the highlights of our entire trip, and I would recommend it to anyone travelling anywhere near the North West of Italy!

Monterosso Monterosso Monterosso Monterosso Monterosso Monterosso Monterosso


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Cinque Terre – Skinny Dipping in Vernazza // Italy 2013

Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza

Vernazza is an incredibly beautiful part of the Cinque Terre! We loved exploring this part of the Cinque Terre and really exploring the beautiful shops, and sitting by the water. There were plenty of restaurants here some high up with great views. We went to have a look at a few even though we had no plans to eat. The harbour area is also delightful and full of character. There were heaps of young people sitting around chatting by the sea, and old men out fishing.

Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza

A Pebble Beach

As we explored Vernazza we happened through a big cave which led to a pebble beach on the other side. This type of beach is such a novelty for us, and even Lior thought all the rocks were interesting (to taste). 

Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza

The Almost Skinny-Dip at Vernazza

When you’re out at the harbour area, right to the end, to the left, is a cave the sea goes into. Luke, being the curious soul that he is, decided that he wanted to swim there, even though it was quite cool, and we had no towel or togs! 

Despite my pleads for him not to, he insisted, and bought a towel, stripped down to his undies (hence the almost skinny dip!), and made the plunge into the freezing water! 

He managed to swim into the cave and have a look around and then come back. He got plenty of weird looks (particularly from the local elderly men who were fishing), and also managed to encourage some other tourists to do the same! Afterwards I asked him how it was and he told me that he didn’t know how cold it really was, because as soon as his body went into the water he was totally numb and couldn’t feel a thing! So yeah, pretty cold then!!

Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza Vernazza


From the picture above you can see that while our baby Lior was an excellent traveller, he was not immune to the odd crying fit! This fit was because we wouldn’t let him go down onto the railway line while we waited for the train to take us on to Monterosso. You suck Mum & Dad!

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Kids Craft – Stained Glass Passover Windows

 stained glass passover windows

I love kids craft projects, and I love using them teach important lessons and remind my kids about upcoming holidays and special events. Passover is only a week and a half away so I wanted to start with our preparations. We are involved in several Passover events this year and so I haven’t had time before now to do activities with the kids. These stained glass Passover windows serve a duel purpose – the give me an opportunity to talk to the boys about Passover and the various symbols and aspects of it, and it also gives us a lovely decorated area for when we have guests! 

Stained glass passover windows - tutorial

Stained Glass Passover Windows are easy enough to do, and you can adapt them to work with various craft supplies.  Here’s what I used:


  • 12×12″ Sheets of black card stock (this can be in a different colour if that’s all you have, but black looks best! You could also use A4 size)
  • Clear contact (the type you cover school books with)
  • Various colours of cellophane, cut up into smallish squares (I use the general guide of “the smaller the child, the bigger the square”!)
  • Pencil and Sharp art knife to cut with. Also, a  mat or old magazine to cut onto.


I like to do the first three steps without the children (maybe while they are asleep!), and then do the rest with them. :)

  1. First thing is to draw your design onto the back side of the cardboard. We chose to do a lamb, star of david, cross, and the 4 wine glass you drink during the seder.
  2. Using the art knife, cut out the shapes. Put a magazine or a cutting mat beneath it so you don’t cut your table!
  3. Cut a piece of contact just bigger than your 12×12 black cardboard. Peel the backing paper off and place is sticky side up on the table. Carefully stick down your cut out cardboard (right side down, so that the right side is covered in contact, and you will be placing the cellophane pieces onto the wrong side.
  4. Let the kids stick the squares of cellophane onto the contact that is showing through. Lior (3) wanted to place all the pieces on carefully and individually, but Eli (1) wanted to just smash a handful on. Both work!! I was so surprised that this was actually a really friendly activity for kids of all ages, even one year olds!! I helped the kids at the end by covering up some bits that didn’t have cellophane on them, or at least helped them to see where those gaps were.
  5. Take off an excess cellophane pieces, and prepare to place it on the window. The contact left around the edge should serve as enough adhesive to keep it stuck on the wall.

If you want to make it a little neater, you can cut the extra contact off the edges, or fold it under, and then user blu-tac to stick the stained glass Passover window onto the regular window. How cool is that?! I knew when we first saw them on Play School the other day that we could make them ourselves, just with different pictures! I am so happy with how they turned out. :)

stained glass passover windows - star of david stained glass passover windows - crucifix or cross stained glass passover windows - four seder cups of wine stained glass passover windows - star of david stained glass passover windows - crucifix or cross stained glass passover windows - passover lamb