Toddler Chores – Clothes Washing

Toddler helping wash clothes Toddler helping wash clothes Toddler helping wash clothes Toddler helping wash clothes Toddler helping wash clothes

I love to involve Lior in our daily activities, and that includes toddler chores! I can’t always guarantee he will be totally willing to help, but he often surprises me with his helpfulness. This particular day it was raining, so we were using the dryer, and Lior helped me by pulling the clothes out of the washing machine and putting them into the dryer. He also likes to press the buttons on both machines to get them going (with some guidance so he knows which buttons to press!).

On days when the sun is shining he can help me put the wet clothes into the washing basket, and then hand me pegs as I put things on the line. When the clothes are dry I can take them off and pass him either the pegs or the clothes for him to put in the right spot.

Small jobs like this are great ways for kids to be involved in the home, and for them to appreciate that there are lots of things involved in making our home run smoothly (err… bumpy…. whatever).

Sunshine Coast Newborn Video – Welcome Zeppelin

We’re still away in New Zealand, so I’m sharing a few bits and pieces until we come back. This newborn video I’m sharing with you today is a Welcome video I did a few weeks ago for baby Zeppelin. He is absolutely adorable, and I am keen for some cuddles with him when we get home!

Welcome videos are a lovely way to capture those special little moments in your baby’s first few weeks, and remember their little newborn movements and the way their siblings interact with them. It is the sweetest thing!

I hope you enjoy watching Zeppelin’s video. :)