Film Friday // Hanukkah 2014 // Sunshine Coast Videographer

With all my complaining the other day about not having written anything substantial here for a few weeks, I remembered that I haven’t even properly shared a heap of the videos that I’ve been making lately.

Creating videos is fast becoming my real passion. When I look back now through my younger years, I remember being so fascinated with it, but it seeming hugely out of reach. I remember when I was 13 we drove down to Sydney and Canberra. While we were in Canberra we visited a museum that had a brilliant interactive display with video, sculpture, art. It was a great art installation! That really sat with me, but I didn’t have the skills at the time to do anything like it, and I didn’t know how to go about acquiring them.

Even just a few years ago when I was working on my Masters in Cross-Disciplinary Art & Design with COFA at the University of New South Wales (Gee, that’s a mouth full!!), I didn’t even THINK of including video as part of my major art installation. What regret! It’s hard to believe that it was only 3 years ago I was studying, and that this wasn’t even on my radar then. The only equipment I had then that could record on was my iPhone 3! Ha!

Honestly, filming little stories like this one I’m about to show you has opened up a huge world of passion and creativity for me. It’s like something that I was always destined to do, and finally I have opened up the skills and equipment I need to do it. The sky is the limit now! Especially with my husband’s unwavering (and quite abundant) support for what I do. He is my biggest fan, no doubt about it. :)

Hanukkah 2014

Now let me tell you briefly about our Hanukkah celebrations last year. I had my thyroid surgery the day before Hanukkah I think, so I was quite sore and obviously a bit under the weather for nearly the whole of Hanukkah. Therefore it didn’t go the same as other years, but still, I think we pulled off a really beautiful week remembering the miracles God performed all those many, many years ago, and the ones he is still doing now! Yeshua (Jesus) kept Hanukkah (obviously – because he was a Jew), and so we follow in his footsteps and celebrate it also. He (the Messiah) is the light of the world!

“Yeshua spoke to them again: “I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light which gives life.” – John 8:12

Dear Lior :: Three Years Old

I am only a month late in writing this, but better late than never!

Superman 3rd birthday

Dear sweet Lior,

You are now three years old! You are a “big boy” now, and you like to remind people of that if they dare call you “little’. You also like to correct them if they mistakenly call you “Lior” – “No, I’m batman!” or “No, I”m Superman” you tell them with your hands on your hips and a VERY serious look on your face.

Your imagination is amazing. Truly. It brings me so much joy to overhear your imaginative play, or watch you race around the room saving the day. You love lego too, and Daddy has been rewarding your toilet training with mini figs. You got your first lot of proper Lego (not Duplo) for your 3rd Birthday from Michael & Maria. You are super hero crazy. First it was Superwhy, then Superman, and now Batman. You are really into “saving the day” and fighting baddies (bad guys).

I want you to know that I am really proud of who you are turning into, and who you are today. I am so proud of the way you love YWHW, our God, and the way you delight in Shabbat, and His moedim. I hope I will never forget the look on your face when you opened your tzitzit on your 3rd birthday. The look of pure joy and pride was so heartwarming, and to hear you say “Ahh! My very own Tzitzit” was perhaps one of the proudest moments of my life. You teach me so much about wearing things that please God, and not worrying about what other people think. I love that you love singing Shabbat songs, and helping me make the Challah on Fridays. I love the way you sing songs in Hebrew, and can understand us when we speak Italian.

You are a sensitive soul. You currently proclaim to be scared of everything, but you’re not really. If a “scary” part comes on TV – like when the farmer tries to get Peter Rabbit – you turn the TV off and run to me. Or you call out to me and say “Keep me safe Mumma!”.

Daddy is your favourite, but when it comes to bedtime, still nothing beats Mummy. Unfortunately for me bedtime is my least favourite time of the day, and of parenting in general, so that kinda sucks… but it’s nice to be loved. In the night sometimes you wake up and put your hand on my arm, then very seriously say to me, “Is that you Mumma?” to which I always reply, “Yes Lior, go to sleep”. And you do. You just like to know that I’m there.

Your best friend is Tillie. You want me to call her most days and ask her to do something with us, even though you see her at least twice every week anyway. Watching you two hold hands and walk around the room, or give each other hugs and kisses goodbye is seriously the SWEETEST thing. Holy moly. I die. You are a very good friend to her, and to all your friends actually. No grown up ever has a bad thing to say about you because you’re not rough or angry like some kids are. You like to play, and you really like grown ups to play with you! You are a very patient big brother Lior. It’s not always easy for you, because Eli is a bit… ONE, and a bit… rough, but you do well. It has been taking lots of my energy lately to manage the two of you, and I hope that as Eli gets a bit older you will be better friends. At the moment I would say you are a TOLERANT big brother, and I hope one day soon I will be able to say that you two are friends! 

Third birthday morning opening presents

Lior Picard, these are a few of your favourite things…

Favourite Toys:

  • Lego
  • Batman Mask & Batarang
  • Superman T-shirt with cape
  • Mini Figs
  • “Cuddle dog”
  • Peppa & George – stuffed toys

Favourite TV Shows:

  • Peg + Cat
  • Thomas & Friends
  • Playschool
  • Superwhy
  • Anything super hero related
  • Cupcake Jemma (youtube)

Favourite Foods:

  • All fruit, particularly berries, mango, grapes and watermelon
  • Ice-cream
  • Babychinos
  • marshmallows
  • Weetbix with milk & honey for breakfast

Favourite Activities:

  • Going to playgroup
  • Baking (specifically cupcakes, but any baking really)
  • Painting
  • Going to church
  • Visiting Grandma & Pa
  • Playing shop

Favourite Music

  • Amazing Songs for Amazing Jewish Kids – Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
  • Shiron L’Gan: Jewish Songs for Children Ages 2 – 5 – Various Artists
  • Justine Clarke
  • PlaySchool Songs

Slowing Down // Listen to Your Children

Blah! Do you ever try to sit down and write and just think, “What the hell am I doing?! No one even want to read this!”. Do you stop writing, or power through? Is this my inner blog reader knowing that what I’m writing is crap-tastic, or is this my inner… critic being a bit too hard on me? You be the judge… (no comment means it’s crap-tastic, a comment means… well, it’s means whatever you write in the comment I guess!!!).

I haven’t written anything substantial on this blog in weeks. Actually, I have hardly written anything substantial ANYWHERE in a whole week, which has got me surprisingly muddled in my head. I didn’t even know writing was that important to me. I certainly don’t feel good at it, but it helps me sort out the things in my brain at least..

We are a few weeks into the year, and finally organising ourselves and getting back into our routines. We are taking a big U turn in our lifestyle this season, and slowing down from our usual activities and things I say “yes” to all the time.

This decision has not been my own, but I am wise enough at least to feel God’s gentle hand guiding me this way, and my biggest toddler yelling it at me. ;-)

My thyroid is still recovering from surgery. After years of being told to “stop making hormone!!!”, it has been a bit slow to return to normal levels. We are praying through it, and I have made some diet and lifestyle changes as God has revealed them to me to support my thyroid more, and trust in Him. Part of this lifestyle change is slowing down a bit. This is relatively easy, seeing as I am a bit tired anyway (Eli is teething his bottom eye teeth AND molars. Heaven help me!!), and Lior yells “No going out!!” when I say we are leaving the house. Except when I say we’re going to playgroup. He loves playgroup. Actually, he loves his friend Tillie most, and she goes to playgroup. Lol.

So we have just two main outings during the week, and I think I will make more of an effort to schedule any other activities (grocery shopping, doctors, play dates etc.) on those same days, so we can either have full days out or full days home. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe it won’t work, but that’s what we’re trying.

Do you have a kid who doesn’t like going out? How do you manage your weekly activities? I have to admit, going out each day is more for my sanity than theirs, so it’s been a little bit of a struggle so far, when I would really love to just take them to the park!