Sunshine Coast Family Video Portraits – Special Offer

Making films for people is such a joy, honour and exciting experience. I love capturing those little moments that photos just… can’t. Everything from your children’s smiles, or their laugh, to the way your husband holds your hand. So special, and so worth having a video made to capture them!

The family video portraits I make are designed to capture the life of your family, and all the beauty within it. I have a special offer (great for Christmas or Hanukkah gifts!!) till the end of December – 25% off!! Eek! I’m not sure if this makes me a bit crazy, but I seriously want to give more people the opportunity to have videos made of their families. :)


Booking has to be made before December 31st.

Booking has to be for a session between Jan 1st 2015 and April 10th 2015.

Email me for details:

Recovering from Thyroid Surgery (a hemi-thyroidectomy)

Just out of surgery - in the recovery room. Cuddles with my babies in the afternoon after thyroid surgery The wound from the semi-thyroidectomy breastfeeding in the afternoon after surgery that morning

I’m 27 years old and 3 days ago I had a hemi thyroidectomy, which is a big scary word for having half your thyroid removed. I wrote the other day about how I was trying to prepare myself for the surgery, and now that I’m on the other side, I can share what it was actually like now that I’ve recovering from thyroid surgery!

I’ve recorded a bit of a vlog about it, as sometimes it’s easier to talk these things through rather than right them (and it would be a super long blog post if I wrote it all out!). It’s 10 minutes long, so sorry about that!! Ha!



What I didn’t get time to say was that Luke came to see me pretty soon after I came out of surgery, and left the boys with my parents as I didn’t feel quite up to having small children jump on me! And then he came back in the afternoon with the boys so I could feed Eli and say hello. Lior is such a sweetheart and gave me a little cuddle and was quite interested in the big mark and told me that he liked it a lot. Actually, he tells me that regularly, ever day since then! Eli was super glad to see me too obviously, and happy to have some milk.

Luke said the night without me went better than expected. At one point Eli was almost hysterical and he just whispered in Eli’s ear that mummy wasn’t here, and that he was sorry about that, and apparently Eli just stopped crying! He had a few wakeups, but they survived. Phew! Lior had to call me before he went to bed because he missed me, and that was really lovely. I love that he is getting older and we could have a proper conversation on the phone! So exciting!

I got to go home the next morning, which is pretty swift, and Luke had the Tuesday off work as well, so he took good care of me. He has had to take leave without pay for Wednesday as he has run out of sick days, and I am really not able to look after the boys by myself. That is my only disappointment with the whole thing – I feel like no one really spoke to me about what kind of help I might need, or time off “work” I might need (as in, someone with me to look after my kids) when you’re recovering from thyroid surgery. Most of what I knew or expected was because of talking to other people who have had thyroidectomies, and that was a bit frustrating. I had been warned about possibly feeling very hypothyroid-ish, but so far that hasn’t happened. I actually feel really good, it’s just the pain of the actual wound that is bothersome. That pain decreases every day though, so that’s good. Except when I sneeze or cough. I just did that, and man it hurts now!

Top 8 Crafts for Hanukkah

I am loving all these excellent crafty ideas! Last Hanukkah I didn’t do much crafty stuff because I was in labour with Eli/giving birth to Eli/looking after a VERY new Eli, and this year I am recovering from thyroid surgery, so I won’t be doing too many crafts for Hanukkah. Hopefully next year I can get some things going!

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Here are some crafts for Hanukkah I want to try if I feel up to it (one for each night of Hanukkah!!):

DIY Felt Dreidel for Hanukkah crafts

DIY Felt Dreidel from Martha Stewart


Colouring in page for Hanukkah

Hanukkah Colouring In Printable from Crayola


DIY candle stamp (video) for Hanukkah crafts

DIY Candle Stamp (video tutorial) from And Sew We Craft


DIY Hanukkah crafts - toilet roll candles

DIY Hanukkah Menorah from toilet rolls from Joyful Jewish


DIY stained glass for Hanukkah

Hanukkah Stained Glass Windows from Matzo Soup (link no longer available)


DIY paddle pop crafts for Hanukkah

DIY Hanukkah Menorahs made out of paddle pop sticks from Kids Fun Craft (I can’t find the original blog post – sorry!)


DIY Toddler craft - holiday stars for Hanukkah

Toddler Friendly Hanukkah stars garland from And Sew We Craft


DIY surprise paper dreidel packages for Hanukkah craftsDIY Paper Gelt Pouch from Sucre and Spice