Lior’s Third Birthday

lior's third birthday

Continuing with my birthday catchup series… Lior’s third birthday was lots of fun. He seems like such a baby in these photos, BUT he seemed so grown up at the time. Such is life with every birthday I think. How awesome are these big number balloons? Not super cheap – $15 for the balloon and then you need to get it filled with helium (about $10 if I remember correctly… but I’ll find out again tomorrow as I fill up Eli’s number 2!), but if you get it filled at the right place it can last a few weeks, and we tend to make it our big theme for the day and have it as many photos as possible. :)

lior's third birthday lior's third birthday lior's third birthday tzitzit for third birthday present

This was one of my favourite and most proud moments – when Lior opened his gift and said “Yay! My own Tzitzit!”. Luke had bought it for him a two or so months before in preparation and then in the 6 weeks prior to his birthday he asked Luke frequently about his (Luke’s) and if he (Lior) could also have some. So Luke told him that he wasn’t old enough yet, and to wait till he turned 3 before he could have them. So he did wait patiently (I mean, he still asked a lot, but just in a general curious way about them in general, not nagging), and then was so excited when he got them. :)

lior's third birthday

After our morning of gifts we got ourselves organised and then a bunch of his friends came over for his super hero birthday party. This party was pretty feaking awesome, even if I do say so myself, and so I’ve included more of the details in a seperate post so it’s easy to pin the ideas if you always want to have a super hero birthday party for your own kid. :) 

For some reason Lior wanted a rabbit cake, so that’s what I made. I was pretty happy with the shape and how it turned out – his super rabbit. I ended up doing a superman logo cake in the evening, and do you think he would allow me to serve the superman cake at the superman party and the rabbit cake at the general family dinner? No way. He knew what he wanted, even if it didn’t make sense to me…

superhero party

super rabbit cake lior is three lior is three

So in the evening those of our family members that were free came over for dinner. Luke’s Dad was in the country, so that was a proper treat to have them spend the evening with us. Though Lior was quite occupied with his new toys, I do think he appreciated it. Even now he likes to talk about this birthday and appreciates their effort.

I did share a video of me making this superman cake back at the start of the year. It’s a speedy version, of course. I was pretty proud of the end result, and I think it looks good with the blue background (as opposed to cutting out the diamond shape and making that the cake).

And so that is the story of Lior’s third birthday. All year he has been talking about having ANOTHER superhero birthday, but he doesn’t really understand that the only exciting this about his birthday this year is the shape of the cake. I’ll be 39 ½ weeks pregnant when he turns 4, so no big party happening there!

superman birthday cake superman birthday cake

superman birthday cake superman birthday cake

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