Peek-a-Boo! // 12 (13) Weeks Pregnant

So first let me re-cap the last 3 months of this beautiful pregnancy. I am amazed at how completely different all three of my pregnancies have been (so far), but also how similar. This one is once again completely different, but oh so familiar.

pregnancy announcement for third baby

I got Lior to draw me this picture when I got the positive pregnancy test, then that night when Luke got home I had it on the table and said to him, “oh look, Lior did you a drawing” – and that’s how Luke found out I was pregnant again!

The First Three Months //

I found out I was pregnant about half way through our Israel trip, which meant that I got pregnant pretty much straight away when we got there. Once I found out I just prayed to God, and asked him for this one to be a bit easier than traveling pregnant with Eli had been. Due to my health each and every one of our babies is a bit of a miracle, and it amazes me how little effort is required to make them!

So the first 12 weeks of pregnancy have been… easy! I felt a bit queasy, we spent a few days on the couch, and I went to bed a little earlier than usual, but mostly I was symptom free. I mean, I only threw up when we all go food poisoning. I haven’t had any bleeding or huge sickness, which I’ve had with the others, and I attribute that a lot to being on thyroid medication now. I think being on the medication has kept my hormones even and less volatile. My parents arrived for the last 2 weeks of our Israel trip, and I was probably at my worst at this time (smells were driving me nuts, and I could NOT eat meat at all – even saying the word “meat” out loud led me to feel ill and I would have to breath away vomiting). So I felt super bad that my parents came and I wasn’t able to really host them how we had planned, but at the same time, I was SUPER super thankful they were there to take the boys to the park every now and again, and help with cooking the food. In that selfish way it was perfect timing!

ultrasound of baby at 10 weeks

By my calculations I should have been 11 weeks and 1 day when I went to the doctors (we got home on the Thursday, and I got my thyroid blood test that day, then on the Monday I had my doctor’s appointment), but that same Monday I had an ultrasound (my period was still recovering post-Eli, and post-thyroid surgery in December) to confirm dates, and they put me back a week. So that’s why the title of this post says 12 (13) weeks. Because I’m now officially 12 weeks, but by my calculations (which I’m pretty sure are right!!) it’s 13 weeks. I asked the doctor about this, and she said that at 10-12 weeks the ultrasound can be 5 days out, depending on how the baby is lying (if they’re curved, or stretched out etc.), and that it’s possible that they may change the dates again at a later scan. :-/ Annoying! I felt like telling her, “Well, I’m a blogger, and a scrapbooker, so I don’t want the dates being muddled up in my records!” Haha. Not sure how well that would have gone down….!

12 weeks pregnant with third child

Week 12 of pregnancy

Week 12 of pregnancy has been uneventful and that’s just the way I like it! I saw the doctor again, and I am iron deficient and vitamin D deficient, but both those things are from before pregnancy, so I am just continuing on with my supplements, but at a higher dose. It worries me slightly that I’ve been taking supplements irregularly for about 3 months now, and my results have gotten WORSE, but I need to take into consideration the fact that I didn’t eat any red meat almost the entire time we were away, and didn’t compensate for that with other food, just with irregularly taking the supplements (which I was on a very small dose). Vitamin D should really be better seeing as I’ve been in Summer for 9 months straight now, and the level of sun protection I use is literally zero…

You will hear me talk a lot about my thyroid this pregnancy. In other pregnancies my thyroid was all over the place, but I didn’t have any doctor (not a GP, or the doctors at the hospital) that took my results as serious as they should have, which meant that it was basically ignored. I mean, it all worked out okay, but I’m on serious medication now that needs to be regulated and adjusted throughout pregnancy. When I got back my thyroid levels were at the lowest they are allowed to be in pregnancy, which is okay. They’re not bad levels, they just like to keep your levels up in pregnancy. I am certain they will be increasing my medication at my next appointment which is only like a week away.

As far as care goes during this pregnancy, I’ve decided to go with a private midwife again. I don’t have a plan yet on where I’ll give birth, but I will have a private midwife no matter what. My midwife from Eli’s birth is away in January, so she can’t be there, but another midwife who I know fairly well will be looking after me. I will also see my GP once a month for my thyroid tests and medication adjustment, and I will have a few hospital appointments as well to see some thyroid and pregnancy specialists.

You can see from my photo this week that I already have a bit of a belly. At first I thought this was just bloating, but it appears my body has just given up trying to hold it in. So this is my starting point! Ha! What can I say? Third baby…!

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The Orange and Cardamon Wedding Cake with Rose Buttercream Story

Orange and Cardamon Cake with Rose Buttercream Wedding Cake

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since my littlest brother got married! It was such a beautiful day, and I will always remember it fondly. Lior was such an excellent page boy, carrying the rings down the isle, and if you follow our FB page, you would have seen me reminisce a few cute pictures of 6 month old Eli with all his chubby goodness!!

Of course one of the most memorable things for me will always be the orange and cardamon wedding cake with rose buttercream, which I made. It was being served for dessert, which meant there was a LOT of wedding cake that needed to be made! 8 dozen eggs, kilos of butter… I was making cake for days, which was fine (I do love baking, and events!!), but not so fine when our mix master DIED! Eek! Thankfully we had a spare (?!?! doesn’t everyone?!), so got that out, and continued on with all the making until… yep, you guessed it! That one died as well! The second one died the EVENING BEFORE THE WEDDING, and I had several hours of icing making to do in the morning. Eek! I started calling and messaging friends asking for help. I didn’t really want to go out first thing on Saturday morning to BUY a new mixmaster, particularly because we would only be getting the cheapest one possible, and I have been wanting a more… expensive one!

One friend had some hand held electric beaters, so Luke went round that evening to get them, and I started to try and do some by hand with the electric beaters. The thing was, the buttercream required at least 10 minutes of constant whipping to make the meringue, and then you had to beat in all the butter… I didn’t even get half way through before I started calling and messaging more friends to see if anyone else had a mixmaster. Only ONE friend in the end had one, can you believe it?! Thankfully Sarah doesn’t live far, and Luke picked it up even LATER that night so I could keep going.

In the morning Luke looked after the boys while I made excessive amounts of rose buttercream, and then we packaged everything up and headed to the Little White Wedding Church in Maleny so I could assemble them and Luke could hang out with the boys at Maleny Dairies.

I did the main wedding cake first, and used leftover flowers from the bouquets (the florist provided leftovers for this purpose, and for filling the tables), to decorate the top. The cakes used for serving for dessert didn’t need to be decorated with flowers, so I did them last.

In the end, I think it looked really beautiful, and I was super proud of my efforts. Of course it was deliciously yummy, and just yesterday, for their anniversary, I made the cake again (not as many layers!!), and I can tell you with the taste fresh in my mouth that is a delicious wedding cake option!

The recipe I used for the orange and cardamon wedding cake with rose buttercream was this one from The Kitchn, but modified slightly (I put buttercream in-between the layers instead of the cream cheese, and we did them full size, not mini. We also did them “naked” style). So that’s the story of Amon & Ane’s wedding cake!

Orange and Cardamon Cake with Rose Buttercream Wedding Cake

Wanderlust Travel Blog Linkup – July 2015

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