Christian & Messianic Art Journaling Prompts


Today in our spiritual art journaling series I thought it would be fun to give you some prompts! Prompts are a great way to give you a boost of inspiration and think of some aspects you’ve never thought of before. I hope to share my responses to these prompts on the weekend. xo

Art journaling prompts can be interpreted however you want, and to whatever level you want (literally, or just very broadly), and can be applied to any sort of  art your wish to create! If you make something using these prompts, please add it to the linkup below!

Christian Art Journaling Prompts: 

  1. Think about who you were before you made the choice to follow Hashem (God). How are you different now? Create an art journal page around one of the main differences.
  2. Read Exodus 36. This passage describe’s the literal temple of God, as it should be in Jerusalem. Use these colours in an art journaling page.
  3. The Passover story  (Ex 12:1-36) is a great parallel to the exit from sin each of us has made as we follow Yeshua our messiah. Read through this passage and use some of the text from this passage in your art.
  4. Use some of the iconography of Shabbat (wine glasses for kiddush, challah, two candles, etc.) in your art journaling page.
  5. In your page include some written thoughts of what it means to be grafted in to the olive tree of Israel through Yeshua our Messiah.


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