Dear Ahava // Five Months


Dear Ahava,

You are my lively, energetic, completely adorable, determined daughter! Five months old sees you (just – as in, today!) sitting up on your own, and moving around the room! Not an official crawl, but you are without a doubt on the move in a very determined and quite beautiful to watch way. You mostly get around with rolls, caterpillar crawling, and swivelling your body around to change direction. Honestly, it is the most amazing thing to watch (and today I got it on film!), because you’re just still so… little! But also so… moving! Holy kamoly. And so sitting up also. Wow. Actually, the 20th of June – the day you turned 5 months old is the day I’m officially saying you’re sitting up. And by sitting up I’m meaning you’re sitting up on your own, without anything around you propping you up, and you stay like that for several minutes. I’m sure you’ll perfect it even more this next month.

Since your last monthly anniversary, I have had my birthday, and we have had new family photos. We celebrated Shavuot, and went on a long weekend getaway out to Mundubbera.

Your Daddy is away at the moment – in Vienna, Austria. Half his luck, hey? He has to miss out on all the wonderful quality time he would be spending with you at 2-3:30am each night if he were home! Heaven knows I would not be volunteering for it if I didn’t have to be the one doing it! I’ve never met a baby who hated teething as much as you do. It’s worse than both your brothers put together. I don’t even know what to do to help you anymore… 🙁 I can not even see any teeth, but have started to feel some little bulges on your gums (halle-freaking-lujah!), and I am fulling expecting that any day now I will feel that rough little toothy feeling brush against my finger when you inevitably grab my hand with both of yours and shove it into your mouth. The look on your face is so serious, and you have the determination of a thousand fiery suns in regards to this matter.

I have left you twice this month. Once for a date night with Daddy before he left, and the second time with Grandma last week to have a night out with my Uni friends. You are reasonably happy to be left, which makes parental sanity a bit more likely. 

You are a smiley, joyful baby girl, who loves to give her big brothers kisses and cuddles (and hair pulls, and face scratches…!), and loves to pull on Daddy’s beard. Not even pull, sometimes if he’s holding you you just like to sit there holding onto it his beard for comfort or support or something…

I feel really lucky to have you. To think that if Hashem had not intervened then Daddy, Lior, Eli and I wouldn’t have YOU in our lives. You are truly a blessing from Him, and I am thankful for you always (even at 3am… ha!).

Love you forever,



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