Childhood Portraits Day 6 // Kids Pray

two kids pray together before their meal young boy saying grace

Eli 06/31 // Always copying his big brother. Lior says his prayers for grace and Eli copies the last word of each line. Hands covering his eyes and everything. I love to watch the kids pray, and hear what they have to say.

Lior 06/31 // His graces are so beautiful. “Just bless the Lord and bless each other. Amen”. Never mind that he never mentions the food…!

10 on the 10th October Edition

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building the sukkah

Building Our Sukkah 2015

This year we built our sukkah the same as last year, only we finished it off properly and added walls – yay! I was super happy with how it ended up, and we had such an enjoyable time hanging out in it during the day, and in the evenings when...


Childhood Portraits Day 3

Day 3’s childhood portraits. There were a few to choose from as we went camping with some friends this day, but I think these two of the boys at gift unwrapping time were beautiful. Love the looks of excitement and expectation on their...