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Today is the day! Today we’re launching Wanderlust! I am so excited to bring this new linkup to you. We’re creating a lovely travel blog community where you can connect with other bloggers who love travel, share your favourite travel related posts, and be inspired for your next trip!

In our time travelling we have seen some pretty crazy things (see below!), and I love to share those with people. I know when I am planning a trip I always like to read up on what other bloggers have done, because it gives me a great “real life” idea of what to expect, and what the best things to see are. I’m sure you’d agree! That’s why I created this linkup – as a place to store and share all these ideas, tips, and inspiration!

I really hope you will love participating in this linkup, and love reading and commenting on the adventures shared below. If you want to participate, the rules are over here. But here’s a brief run down of them.

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Flying Brisbane to Wellington (New Zealand again!)

Hello! We’ve had a really excellent time over in New Zealand and I’m ready to share our adventures with you!

Just so you know, we funded this trip entirely on our own. No brand partnerships or anything. :) If I mention brands at all in these travel posts it’s mostly for my personal record, but also because it’s part of the story & it might help you with your travel plans.

And don’t forget – the new travel link up Wanderlust launches Wednesday

Driving from Wellington to Te Horo Driving from Wellington to Te Horo Flight - Brisbane to Wellington

Our adventure starts on Monday 11th August at 5am. We woke the boys to get them dressed & drive down to Brisbane airport. My excellent brother & sister-in-law (also excellent) met us there at 6:30 to take our car and then we made our way through all the normal airport things you do. Our flight was delayed because of the huge backup of people going through passport control. We were the last ones on our flight which is a bit of a bum when you have 3 carry-on bags + a nappy bag + a back pack + a handbag. Our bags ended up all over the plane! Haha!

We flew with Virgin Australia and they have a neat little thing where you can connect to their plane wifi & watch their movies etc. through their app. Super handy. I watched half a movie while Eli slept. Am keen to watch the rest one day as it was fascinating…

The weather in Wellington was windy to say the least and the flight in was TERRIFYING. It didn’t help that the woman across the isle from us was squeaking and carrying on with every bump and that made me more nervous. It was by far the worst turbulence I’ve every experienced & I was genuinely frightened. Thankfully Lior was not!

Once in Wellington we picked up our hire car with Thrifty & bought a NZ sim for my phone from Vodafone. Great customer service with both! When we got to our car the kid’s car seats weren’t in so the guy quickly got them to come round and put them in. We followed my father-in-law’s excellent directions to his house on the Kapiti coast and got there in time for a yummy roast dinner.

Lior is such a friendly kid & it didn’t bother him much that he hadn’t seen Gramps since the beginning of the year. He was happy to give cuddles and have a chat. xo

Wanderlust – A New Travel Blog Linkup

I have some exciting news! I am starting a travel blog linkup, and it launches this Wednesday, 1st of October! It will be a great linkup for anyone and everyone to share their travel stories, or tips. And remember, you can share things that are local to you, because they might be travelling things to someone else!

All the details are over here, and I will share the first post on Wednesday with one of our own travel stories. I thought to kick it off this week I will start sharing our New Zealand travel stories. So if you’ve ever blogged anything about travel, check back on Wednesday so you can link up your post!