Dear Ahava // Four Months


Dear Ahava,

My sweet blossom, you are four months old! Four months old sees us with a smiley, happy girl who is strong and loves to explore. You love tummy time, and pulling yourself along on the floor a little way.

For six weeks now you’ve been chewing on your hands, and my hands, and for the last few weeks you’ve mastered capturing a toy and bringing it to your mouth so you can chew that too. I have always felt you are far too young to be teething, but… maybe you’re not? The other night it was so bad that we gave you your first dose of neurofen, and boy did you sleep well after that. A few doses of bonjella as well and you are much happier for a while. I mean, it still could be ages till you get some teeth, but they’re definitely moving in there. Grandma says that it could be your sinus’ making your teeth hurt as well. You have had a snotty nose the last 2 weeks, and been a bit uncomfortable because of that. It makes night time, from about 2:30am onwards interesting, because by then your nose is quite blocked up and you don’t know if you want to feed to go back to sleep, or you know, breath… because the mouth is the only way to do it when you’re all snotty!

For the record, this is when you woke up the other night (this is fairly typical). 11:30pm, 1:30pm, 3am, and then cluster feeding till about 5:30am. At this time Daddy takes you away to spend some morning time together and I sleep. Oh how I love to sleep.

You don’t like the bath, but you do like showers. Just another way that you remind me of your biggest brother. You look a lot like him too. Lots of people can’t get past your cheeks and how much they are like El’s, but I just see Lior all over again in you. Sensitive, strong, and an achiever.

You had your first Passover this month! Chag Sameach! You enjoyed it, and we love raising you with our God Adonai’s beautiful traditions. He knows best. Always.

You also attended your first WordCamp – a WordPress conference. Your Daddy and I were part of the six part organising team, and it was a huge effort. During the conference everyone commented at how wonderfully well behaved you were. Letting out happy babbles, getting cuddles from strangers, and sleeping in the ergo. I even took you to both the after party and the speaker’s dinner, and it was so great. I am so lucky that you are so chilled out, and that I have been able to be so heavily involved in this project even though it was during my last few months of pregnancy and first few months of your life.

We may produce children who don’t sleep well, but you have all been pretty darn cruisey in every other areas, and I am certainly counting my blessings!

I seem to have a strong letdown, and this has caused some issues with breastfeeding. Nothing major, but it is most likely the cause of those tummy pains you experienced earlier in the year, and the occasional pains you still get now. It means that you don’t find as much comfort at the breast as your brothers did, and so the dummy comes in very handy for this when you still want to suck, but don’t want to be filled to running over with milk! It means our feeds are fairly quick, which is actually quite handy as I have much less time to sit and feed than I had previously!

You LOVE the jolly jumper almost as much as Eli did. You are getting such strong legs from it. You have always had a strong neck, but it is even stronger now that you enjoy 10 minutes of jolly jumper time every other day.

You have started to LAUGH, and it is the cutest thing ever. A not so cute thing though is your love of squealing. This must be a girl thing, because neither of your brothers did it and I remember it quite distinctively with each of our girl friends when they were babies! I mean, it’s a happy noise, just really, really loud. I don’t do loud so well!

For mother’s day you and the boys* bought me a new ergo, which is lovely. It’s nice to snuggle up in it when we go out. You sit in there only with a little pillow under your butt to give you a bit of height.

Baby girl you are so beautiful. You are certainly our most joyful baby, and your smiles fill our hearts with such love. Lior and Eli are totally smitten with you and love to wake up and come and snuggle you. In the mornings they see you and say “Oh, Ahava!” and kiss your toes and you smile and smile and smile at them. And they smoogle your cheeks and get in trouble for being rough. 😛

You are growing up big and strong, just as it is prophesied over you each week each Friday night for Shabbat. You will be a strong leader, and a wonderful wife and mother one day. I love you to the moon and back. xo



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