Feast of Trumpets & Yom Kippur Colouring In Pages

Day six on our countdown through the fall feasts was some colouring in! I chose a range of colouring in pages that I found online and pre-printed them so that when Lior turned over the flap for the day we could start right away. I chose feast of trumpets and yom kippur colouring in pages which were mostly of the shofar.

At 2 years and 8 months Lior really enjoyed this activity! We haven’t done drawing for a while, and we’ve never done colouring in like this before, but Lior loved saying the names of what he was colouring “boy’s cheek brown”, “shofar!”, “apple red” etc.

Hear the Shofar from Crayola

Shofar from Blog Sameach

Honey & Apple from The Color

Shofar for Rosh Hoshanah & Yom Kippur from The Color

Shofar for Yom Kippur from Crayola

Shofar from Torah Tots

Toddler Colouring In for Rosh Hoshanah & Yom Kippur Toddler Colouring In for Rosh Hoshanah & Yom Kippur 

Countdown of Activities for the Fall Feasts

Fall Feasts Messianic Christian Countdown

It is only one month till Sukkot, and this year I am doing a countdown of activities for the fall feasts with the boys so that we can prepare for the Fall feasts. At the moment I’m really aware of how “alone” we are in our walk with God, and how our Western/Australian culture is so anti what our family believe and how even our Christian culture is full of corruption, lies, anti-semitism, ignorance, and stupidity, that it too is against God in lots of ways. How wonderful would it be to live in Israel and be preparing for these appointed times with other believers, but we are called to live here for now (which I love too, most of the time), and so I’ve kicked myself into action to create our own family culture that glorifies God and keeps his appointed times.

Why would we keep his appointed times as Christians? Well apart from the fact that God tells us to, his appointed times are prophetic of the first and second comings of Messiah. As Christians we believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and that the Spring feasts are fulfilled through him. We keep them to remember God’s faithfulness in the first instance (taking the Hebrews our of slavery in Egypt, and providing us Torah), and again in the second instance with Messiah (Jesus being our ultimate sacrifice & rising from the dead, and receiving the Ruach HaKodesh – the Holy Spirit). We wait in anticipation for his second coming, and practice and ready ourselves by keeping the fall feasts too.

I think the best way for our family culture line up with God’s culture is to do activities in our home that prepare us for the appointed times, and become aides in teaching our children about their creator. 

Fall Feasts Messianic Christian Countdown

Of course our countdown should have started today, and I was only just making it today, but with two little kids, who has the time?! I got them both to work with the paints this afternoon, and then I cut out stars from our artwork, which became the front of the activity flaps on our countdown. I’ll do up a proper tutorial soon with a list of all the countdown activities too! I have brainstormed 30 or so activities so that we have one to do each day, and then I’ve ordered them so that we prepare for Rosh Hashanah first, then Yom Kippur, and lastly Sukkot. I chose the order the pieces went into so that we weren’t shopping or cooking or doing heaps of work things on Shabbat, and so we weren’t building our Sukkah before Yom Kippur!

I tell you what, it’s been interesting trying to think of seasonally appropriate things to go in the activities! It is Spring here in Australia, even though we call them “fall” feasts… so it’s been fun deciding what things to adapt to our circumstance, and what things to just keep.

Can’t wait to get started tomorrow!

Fall Feasts Messianic Christian Countdown