Peek-a-boo // Pregnancy Announcement

third baby pregnancy announcement

We’re excited to announce that we are expecting Carbis kid number three next January. Yes, another January baby! Three kids! What are we doing?! It still doesn’t seem quite real, but I’m sure once I can feel it moving inside me it will all be a bit more real! Ah, so excited!

How did you tell people you were pregnant? Did you make a cute pregnancy announcement? This time we have found ourselves telling most people in person. But also forgetting to tell a bunch of people who we really should have told. Things just got out of control! But now people know, and I guess that’s that! Looking forward to growing this baby inside me for the next 6 or so months, and seeing who this little person is and what they look like. :)

Home, Sweet, Home + February Time Capsule

Best Friends

We’ve been home from our trip for a week now, and are settling back into life, and routine with ease and busyness! I am hoping to get the rest of our travel posts up (we did a lot of travelling around Israel in the last few weeks when my parents were here, plus we made a side trip to Istanbul), and I will also be showing the scrapbooking I did for our holiday as I get them printed and finished off.

Since getting back I’ve been feeling the urge to make some videos. I love the travel videos, but I was well behind with the monthly montage videos. I really love them most of all, so I wanted to get a few of them done. Below I’ve got February’s video, and next week I’ll share March with you!! These videos are really quite simple to make, and I’m hoping later in the year I can do a little local workshop with some of the mums at my church and show them how they can make these themselves on their computers, or on their iPhones. :)

Happy Friday! Shabbat Shalom. xo

Week 16 Travel Project Life (part two)

Part two! This is Day one in Seoul. It was full, and even photos that don’t have big stories (like the photos in the first layout below), are still included because sometimes they’re just good photos, and other times they do tell part of the story in itself – no words needed!

So a few things I want to say about this album – I really loving using 12×6 sections in my album, so I’ve done those pretty frequently. I have tried to always match these up, but if I find when I print them that there isn’t a match, I will either just back it with paper, OR I will find some photos I can print in 6×12. Either way I’m not super worried about it.

The other thing you’ll notice is that photos rarely have the date on them. I have the layouts organised on my computer so that I know the dates, and this is one of the things I mentioned in the review that I will add once they’re printed.

Travel scrapbook using PL app - korean morning Travel scrapbook using PL app - Octogon Travel scrapbook using PL app - week 16 in Korea Travel scrapbook using PL app - week 16 cherry blossom festival Travel scrapbook using PL app - week 16 cherry blossom festival Travel scrapbook using PL app - week 16 chicken curry Travel scrapbook using PL app - week 16 night markets Travel scrapbook using PL app - week 16 night markets