Rosh Hashanah Decorations

rosh hashanah decorations - main piece

Rosh Hashanah is nearly upon us, and our house has been decorated and enjoyed for a few weeks now. I have doubled up somewhat and made the decorations appropriate for Sukkot as well so that I don’t have to re-do everything in a few weeks! Let me take you on a tour…

Above is our main “mantelpiece” which is actually a bookshelf, not a mantelpiece. Never mind. Here is my main little section to decorate. A focal point other than the table.

Below is some stuffed fabric pumpkin. My Nana made these for me for my engagement as a decoration for our kitchen. Back then I had no idea what Rosh Hashanah or Sukkot were, but how fortuitous that she gave them to me and they can now be used in as fall feasts decorations!

rosh hashanah decorations - homemade fabric pumpkins rosh hashanah decorations - sukkot clay frames

Above: This was an experiment last year – getting the boys to draw pictures in air drying clay. Here are some people in a sukkah. I love that it’s Lior’s 3 year old people drawings, but need to perfect this idea further…

Below: Our chag sameach banner. We’ve had this for a few years and it’s still going strong! It’s made our of fabric, thick cardboard, and felt. Really quite easy to make, and a really great decoration. We usually hand this in our sukkah, but it is great on the wall like this for now until Sukkot!
rosh hashanah decorations - cha sumach sign rosh hashanah decorations - flowers + shofar

Above: Fresh flowers are a must for me. It is spring here in Australia, so I like to add some fresh spring-ness to compliment all the autumn things happening! Here is our little nativity scene I have up for Sukkot, and one of our shofars.

Below: A series of candle holder. These are so sweet with tea light candles shining out through them. They were actually Christmas gifts many moons ago!

rosh hashanah decorations - candle holders rosh hashanah decorations - fall feasts countdown on the wall

Above: Our fall feasts countdown calendar is up on the wall and is a great decoration also. Pretty. <3

Below: This is so simple, but so effective. One of my favourite decorations. This is just a bunch of thin triangles cut out of scrapbooking paper (so it’s nice and thick), and then I wrote “Rosh Hashanah” on the computer in a bold font, printed it out, cut them out, and stuck them on. Simple stuff!

rosh hashanah decorations - rosh hashanah paper bunting rosh hashanah decorations - rosh hashanah paper bunting

So that’s our Rosh Hashanah decorations, or at least part of them. How are your decorations coming along?

family traditions - the shabbat table - son being blessed by his father

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