Eli 365 {2014 – Week 7}



Do not leave me on the grass please mum!



So serious. So adorable.



I’m sure I use to spend hours each day sitting holding your brother while he slept. I don’t have that luxury with you, so in the day time you sleep in the baby hammock. Today you are not a fan of that though, and you get little sleep this day.



Your big brother just LOVE LOVE LOVES bubbles at the moment, and well, that means you get to play with them too! It was quite the experience for you to have them pop over the top of you.



Today we went to the Ocean St Markets. Your daddy wore you in the ergo.



At the beach we sit and watch Lior play on the playground. Taken by Daddy on his film camera.



Off to the shops with Mum & Dad. I feel like in this photos you look so grown up, but so tiny here also!

Sugar Free Lamington Sponge Roll


I made this sponge roll in the lead up to Australia Day, because well, lamingtons are so Australian, but I didn’t want to have a ton of icing on my laminton, and they’re not the easiest things to ice anyway. Enter: lamington sponge roll. So east to make. So yum.



  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 cup dextrose
  • 1/2 cup plain flour
  • + 3 tbs plain flour
  • 1 tsp melted rice malt syrup
  • 1/2 tsp each of cream of tartar & baking soda


  • 3/4 cup dextrose
  • 2 tbs water
  • 2 egg whites
  • 80-100g butter
  • 2 1/2 tbs cocoa


Desicated coconut

300mL cream

Preheat oven to 180 C. Spray a long shallow sponge roll tin with spray oil, baking paper as well.

Beat egg whites until stiff (not dry). Slowly add the dextrose. Beat until dissolved. Add egg yolks while still beating.

Sift in flours, cream of tartar & soda. Add melted rice malt syrup and fold together.

Spread the mix into the tin. Cook for 15-20 minutes or until firm to touch & slightly coloured.

Take a tea towel and lay it on the table. As soon as your sponge is out of the oven place it down on the tea towel, take off the baking paper, and roll the sponge up. Leave it to cool.

While the sponge is cooling make up the icing and put it in the fridge to cool. Whip up the cream so it’s thick.

When everything is cool you can start to prepare the sponge roll.

Unroll the sponge and layer it with cream. Roll the sponge up again. Freeze for 10 minutes or until it’s firm on the outside..

Cover frozen in icing and then coconut. Either refrigerate or serve as is!

Dear Eli :: Four Months

Sweet Eli,

I love you. I Honestly love you more and more each day. Lately I have been just staring at you at night while you sleep or feed, and laying down next to you in the day as you shove your fists into your mouth and your brother pinches your cheeks, and I just think I am the luckiest mumma ever. You are a complete joy, and I mean that 100%.

Four month old you is teething you. We are yet to see any teeth, but you are going crazy gnawing on anything and everything. We bought you a Sophie the Giraffe so that you have something to chew on and ease your annoyance a little. You don’t seem terribly upset with teething, but are certainly a bit less cheerful, and less relaxed than you normally are.

On the 19th march you rolled over for the first time (back to front). You have done it a few more times since then. You are the cleverest. :) You are rolling to your sides easily and do it most times you are lying down. You are good at your tummy time, especially when I prop you up with a pillow so you are higher and can see more of the world around you.

You are adored by so many people Eli, and you are so blessed to have grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who adore you and visit you and hug you and kiss you. You are incredibly delightful, so I don’t blame them. I wish I could spend all my time admiring you. ;-)

This month we got your passport photo taken, and hopefully next month you’ll have it & we’ll be free to fly off around the world on a whim. ;-) You weigh 8.24kg.

This month you met your Uncle Circus (my brother, Rhys), and he was quite in love with you (who can blame him?!). We also met up with all the mums and bubs from our anti-natal group with was lovely. Mummy & Daddy went to a marriage conference for two nights & a Saturday and you stayed in the creche. On the first night you fell asleep and when you woke up you screamed louder than I’ve ever heard any baby let alone quiet you! You grabbed me as soon as I went to you and was so worked up you could hardly feed!! After some snuggles you were right to go back to them though (they were lovely ladies). You enjoyed the whole Saturday with them too and just came back to us for lunch and to feed a couple of times. When we went to pick you up we had to fight our way out (not really, but close!!) because the young girls who had adopted you didn’t want you to leave them.

You have a very content, peaceful nature Eli, and you are happy to be held by anyone. In the evenings your Daddy puts you to sleep, and then we transfer you to the big bed when we come to bed. Just this last week you’ve been waking up a bit more in the night and we think you are either hungry or that your teeth are worrying you. You don’t sleep much in the day – you prefer to hang out with Lior & I and see what we’re doing. It is not all your fault though, I think you would sleep for a lot longer if we stayed home all day, but that’s just not practical. You get three naps in most days, for around an hour long each. You sleep until 7:30 in the morning, sometimes till 9, which is great for me because Daddy looks after Lior in the mornings and we get to sleep in together.

To go along with your beautiful nature, you are also incredibly happy and smiley. Especially in the mornings (and understandably less in the afternoons when you are getting tired). You are also LOUD, and a huge chatterbox. I have never heard anything like it!

I love you Eli Adama. You are perfect to me.

<3 Mum