Travel Video – Hobart

So one of the things I was most excited about with our Hobart holiday was filming it & making some videos with the footage. I’m a sucker for good travel video & I really need to practice my skills!

I wanted to get one main holiday video edited before we headed off to New Zealand (where we are now!) and I did. It finished uploading just before we left, yay!

This video is just a highlight mashup of our trip. I plan to make a few more short videos on specific things like Mt Wellington and Zoodoo etc. but I will do those when time allows. I have a fair bit of paid video work on when I get back from New Zealand so personal projects will have to take a back seat while I get those done!

Without further ado, here’s the video:

Visiting Family in Melbourne + Home

So after our huge flight from Hobart to Melbourne there was not much time left to see any of Melbourne. We picked up our hire car (this time we used red spot, and we were really impressed with them), and headed down south to meet up with Luke’s Aunty, Uncle, Cousin & Pa. 

Pa Carbis was so happy to see the boys when he walked in! HUGE smiles from everyone, even Eli who was only 1 month old last time he saw Pa. But Eli is not one to miss an opportunity to smile! As always we felt so loved & welcomed at Greg & Carol’s and enjoyed yummy food and warm company! Eli particularly loved Uncle Greg (or maybe it’s the other way around?!). Either way, they were inseperable.

Lior loved playing oven kit dress-ups with Carol (Aunty Eyes – Luke’s tradition from when he was a little kid), and both loved cuddles and upside down time with Pa.

After that we headed back to our hotel near the airport, and the next morning we had an uneventful flight back to the Sunshine Coast!

Dear Eli :: Eight Months

8 month photo project

Dear Eli,

Gosh this is the fastest month yet! This month we flew down to Melbourne and Hobart for a little holiday. We had such a great time, and you flew like a pro! You are a different flyer to your brother – you were so interested in the plane and everything involved. You hardly wanted to sleep on the plane! This was pretty much your pattern for the whole trip (not wanting to sleep), but what’s new?! I’m sure you’ll sleep one day. Congratulations on your first plane flight!

Uncle Amon & Aunty Ané got married this month! It was so exciting, and your first wedding experience. You were very handsome in your bow tie. :) This month you got lots of special baby sitting too, some time with Aunty Hannah, and some time with Grandma & Pa.

You are moving around the house, but not from crawling – just from pulling yourself around with twists and trying to crawl. I feel like I’ve said this every month, but it won’t be long! You LOVE standing up, and have JUST started to be able to pull yourself up. Your arm strength is what holds you back with both crawling and pulling yourself up. Our life will definitely get very interesting once you’re doing both those things!! You twist a lot, and I can tell you will be a good climber very quickly once you just get those back legs to co-operate and stop getting in your way!

8 months old

You are absolutely in love with your big brother. Lior can make you laugh like no one else can. Even this morning you were in the high chair and he was tearing around the kitchen pushing you into different positions and making toys pop up at you. You were laughing your head off!

You laugh a LOT. Honestly, you are the happiest baby I’ve ever met. It far outweighs any sleepless-ness, and it is evident to everyone who meets you. I often catch people looking at you smiling. You bring lots of people joy Eli, and it is my prayer that you continue to do so all the days of your life! 

This month you went to your first peace rally, and first Pro-Israel rally. We love Israel, and considering you were conceived there and then born during Hanukkah, I think it’s safe to say you have a bit an affinity to the Jewish nation as well! You slept most of the time, but loved playing in the Israeli flags and listening to Daddy pray with all the Jews, Christians and everyone else that was there.

You love to say “Daddaddaddd” and “Bubbubbubb”, and love it when Daddy does the “wa wa wa” over your mouth. You blow raspberries on our necks sometimes and chat chat chat to yourself sometimes.

Even though I complained a bit before about you not sleeping at the moment you are really good at PUTTING yourself to sleep. Thank goodness. It’s my saving grace, honestly. You have been teething badly the last few weeks as well and got your third tooth! It’s at the top, but not in the middle – one tooth over. You are loving eating pieces of apple this month, as you can gnaw on them with your bottom teeth and it helps sooth your sore top gums where this latest tooth has come through. The tooth next to it in the middle is bulging, so I don’t think it will be long till that one come through as well.

8 months old

Eli Adama, I love sleeping next to you. I love breastfeeding you even though you’ve turned into a bit of an acrobat. I love hugging you, and carrying you in the ergo. I love your kisses, and I love the way you look at me so intently. You make me well up with tears I am so in love with you. My boys. I am so blessed.

I don’t so much love all the on and off, on and off of breastfeeding at the moment, nor the constant pulling of my hair (mostly while breastfeeding, but also any time!!). I don’t so much love the way you cry when I put you down to play and want to do some work myself. All this is part of your age though, and it will change again soon enough.

You are my darling. I love you. I bless you Eli with much love, health and happiness. xo

8 months old