Family visit to Te Papa // Day Three

More from our New Zealand trip! Hope you enjoy. :) Don’t forget that our next Wanderlust link up will be on Wednesday 5th November!

Wednesday 13th August 2014

Today our main event was a family visit to Te Papa.

Luke left early in the morning and met up with a friend – Dan for breakfast at a place called Neo. The boys and I got ready and we all took the train into Wellington. It was nice to not have to push the pram around – Gramps took care of that. :)

wellington trains travelling with the double pram Family of four at Te Horo, Wellington, New Zealand

We met Luke at Te Papa, and we strolled in as one big group – three generations out to enjoy Te Papa. It was such a great museum! So much maori information, which I don’t know much about.  It was surprising to me how much maori stuff was in there, I was expecting it to be more like museums at home. There was heaps of great exhibits, and the kids areas were awesome! The earthquake area was really informative, and fun too. Now I know what it’s like to be in a building during an earthquake!

We walked around and went to Monsoon Poon for lunch. Gosh, the food was amazing. I wanted to eat nearly everything on the menu! I would definitely recommend it. The kids meal Lior got was very generous, and I was so pleased that there was not a chicken nugget in sight! It was all great Asian food!

Because we planned to go to the snow at some stage I wanted to get Eli some gloves (you might remember that he grizzled a bit in the snow when we were in Hobart, and I thought he needed mittens), so we searched through heaps of shops and couldn’t find any. Soon enough it was time to head back on the train. It is such a beautiful view sitting in the train looking out to the ocean because it’s on the side of a cliff.

wonderful kids areas at Te Papa museum in Wellington, New Zealand kids asleep travelling Train line north from Wellington, New Zealand

Exploring Wellington // Day Two

I am slowly but surely sharing our New Zealand holiday with you! Here’s day two!

Tuesday 12th August 2014

Our plan of attack when travelling is to go hard at the beginning and see everything you want to see, and then you can do your relaxing at the end. Of course if relaxing is your priority then you’ll want to do that first, but on most of our trips, seeing things is the number thing we want to do.

We drove into the city (we are staying about an hour’s drive North), and set off to explore. We headed to the Parliament building, and did a tour of the three buildings. Lior was acting super tired, and we didn’t bring the pram in because we had to go up and down stairs, so I swapped with Luke and carried Lior in the ergo while he carried sleepy Eli. This tour was great, and really interesting to see how the NZ parliament differs from ours here in Australia. It’s a free tour, and I definitely recommend it! It went for about an hour.

Wellington stone banana wellington parliament building - the beehive L&P virgin

On our way back to the car we found a stand selling Hungarian langos, and we couldn’t say no! I have made langos a couple of times since coming back from Hungry, but we wanted that authentic treat again! We reminisced a little of our time in Budapest, and told Eli the stories of what we did when he still lived comfy inside of me.

After lunch Luke settled in to do some work, the boys and I set off the explore Wellington. 

The boys and I headed to the cable car. I read on trip advisor that it was a good activity for kids, and that there was lots to see at the top. Lior enjoyed the ride, and we went through the museum at the top. The views from the top of the cable car were amazing! We also went for a walk through the botanic gardens,  and found the observatory and promptly made plans to come back another day when we had a bit more time.

We drove home in time for dinner and enjoyed some after dinner scrabble games and the boys had some fun time with Gramps.

wellington cable car wellington cable car wellington cable car view wellington cable car museum wellington cable car museum new zealand windy roads

10 on the 10th – October #my72frames

I’ve been wanting to participate in this photography challenge for a while, but I never seem to remember on the 10th of the month, even when I put it in my calendar. But this morning I was reading some blogs and someone’s 10 on the 10th popped up from last month and I thought “I must remember to do that. When is the 10th?” and it was the 10th today! So that was fortuitous. Of course then it took me a week to post the photos… but that’s life I guess. :)

When I was working on these photos I had in the back of my mind this article by Rachel Devine about improving your photography by limiting the number of photos you take. I didn’t follow the recommendation of 72 frames, but I did really focus on only taking 1 roll of film (24) for the day. Surely I could get 10 good shots out of that, right?!

It was both bizarre and exhilarating to be so precious with the photos I was taking and really think about each one before taking it. 


Lior loves the lego he & Eli got for Sukkoth. He is super hero crazy at the moment.

It’s swimming day! This is our second time having swimming lessons and we are blessed to have my sister in law, who is an excellent swim teacher, teaching both the boys how to swim.


Rocket cubby.


Boys only.


I’ve been loving blessing each family who eats in our sukkah with a special gift – some homemade tomato sauce.


Chag Sameach! Can you guess which letter is upside down?!


Low light.


Lior is obsessed with putting his drawings on the fridge. He (annoyingly) puts them over the gap between the fridge and freezer, so they fall off when you open the bottom freezer. But it’s cute, and I’m so happy that he’s proud of his work!


Challah! This one is fructose free – I used rice malt syrup instead of regular sugar.

10-oct10 Dish. My nemesis.