Using Pinterest as a Birthday Wishlist

using pinterest as a birthday wishlist

We have had a heap of first birthday parties on in the last 6 weeks or so. Lots of Eli’s little friends are having parties, and so I have been racking my brain trying to find what gifts we should get for each of them. I find myself second guessing my choices whilst browsing the toy isles. Do they already have this? Do the parents have any special preferences with toys (wooden only, no licensed characters etc.)? Will this child already have this item because of an older sibling? What if they don’t LIKE this type of thing?! Ah! It can be a bit of a mine field! And when I ask the parents if they have suggestions, sometimes I get a short list of one or two suggestions, other times I get the “oh, don’t worry about that” or “Just anything…”.

So I asked myself, how can I make it easier for Eli’s friends?

Enter Pinterest. I already use it for planning all my kids parties, and any other celebration, as well as…. well, everything! Ha! So I figured I would use it as a wishlist as well, and include the link on his invite. I actually have a board set up for each of us, so that I can add things as I think of them throughout the year, and then I don’t have to try and remember all those good ideas when someone’s birthday rolls around!

P.S sorry if this sounds like an ad. It is most definitely not!  

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Tips for using Pinterest as a birthday wishlist:

  1. To use pinterest as a birthday wishlist I just browse online catalogues and pin items that I think the person would like. I sometimes add notes (like this note saying I don’t want this couch with the tank engine on it, just something plain), and other times I leave the item description that comes up from the shop.

using pinterest as a birthday wishlist

  1. I make sure I include a big range of prices. Everything from free (or close to) to more moderate $20-$30 items, and then even big ticket items that Luke and I are probably going to be the only ones getting. It’s important to note that I use these boards primarily for myself which is why I include the more expensive items, but it is handy to have a link you can send to people if they ask what they should get.

using pinterest as a birthday wishlist

  1. People can write comments to let others know that this item as been purchased, or it can just be luck of the draw.

  2. I also like to include a little blurb at the top in case people do this board for gift ideas. In Eli’s I’ve just written about how he already has lots of hand me downs from his big brother, so he might like some sentimental gifts, or you could donate to a charity on his behalf. I think this is a good chance to set the tone for the party, and remind people that it’s not all about the gifts – these are just prompts if that’s what you wanted to do.

using pinterest as a birthday wishlist


The one problem:

The one thing I’m stuck on with the whole “using pinterest as a birthday wishlist” thing is what to do once you’ve received something on the list. I’ve been using a similar board for myself for a few years now, and for my birthday this year I got a few things I had pinned. Do I remove them  from the board, or do I just leave a comment saying they have been purchased? Not sure… I would love your feedback and suggestions!!

Project Life Baby Album – Weeks 19, 20, 21 & 22

Guess what! I was so amazingly blessed this weekend! Luke gave me basically the whole weekend off to do some Project Life catch up! How amazing is that?! Thank you Luke so much. I know you’ll read this. :)

I worked specifically on Eli’s first year album for a couple of reasons – the first is that I’d like to share it at his birthday party as close to finished as possible. After this weekend I realise I will probably be 2 months or so behind, but I can live with that. The second is that these sorts of things are best done while they are fresh in your mind. Poor Lior does not have a finished first year album yet, and I am determined not to let that happen to Eli as well!! I need to keep going on this before a new project takes priority! My third reason is that Eli’s album is much smaller than our family one (only one side per week instead of a double page), and I can have a much greater sense of accomplishment!

I totally don’t appreciate how long it actually takes to make a layout. I mean, I worked out over the weekend that each week takes me close to an hour to make. Granted, they are fairly in depth with embellishments and I’m not just using a standard kit, but still, I feel like I am super slow?!

Project Life Baby Album Week 19

ABOVE: I was pretty happy with how week 19 turned out for Eli! We’ve got lots of orange, pink and yellow which is offset by the blue colour in some photos (Eli’s PJs).

BELOW: Much more muted colour wise than the previous week, and a lot less photos. That’s one of the other things I like about Eli’s album – never too many photos as it’s just for one person.

Project Life Baby Album Week 20 Project Life Baby Album Week 21

ABOVE: I am pretty happy with the title area for week 21! I like how it is on an angle like the table in the picture.

BELOW: And I LOVE this title card. This week I used the Maggie Holmes mini kit, and I love it! Even for a boy album it’s fun and nice. I’m definitely not worried around hearts and flowers on boy album! It was really handy to have all the cards automatically match, and there are so many cute designs. Pretty!Project Life Baby Album Week 22


So those a few pages I’ve been working on. I’ll be sharing some more in the coming weeks. Feel free to pin these, but please make sure they link back to this blog post. :)

Grandma’s Bran Muffins

Grandma's bran muffins

My Grandma use to make these bran muffins, and so did my mum. I loved eating them fresh out of the oven lathered in butter. Yum! So now I make these, and let me tell you they’re the kind of muffins I WANT my kids to be nomming on! They are so delicious that I had to go grab one whilst writing this. Yum.

I worked it out and there’s only about 1 tsp of sugar per muffin (depends how many raisins you put in!) if you make it the conventional way. But if you do want to make it more fructose-free acceptable, then replace the sugar & molasses with rice malt syrup. Still yum! 

Grandma's bran muffins


Grandma's Bran Muffins
Yields 16
Delicious healthy muffins. Perfect for breakfast, or a snack!
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  1. 1 ½ cups Bran
  2. 1 ½ cups Wholemeal Plan Flour
  3. ¼ cup Raw Sugar (use Rice Malt Syrup here if you don't want sugar)
  4. ½ cup Raisins
  5. 2 cups soured milk (add a bit of vinegar to the milk to sour it)
  6. 2 level tsp bi-carb soda
  7. 2-3 tbs Molasses
  1. Combine the dry ingredients (including the raisins) and stir. In a separate bowl measure out the soured milk. Add the bi-carb to the milk so it froths up. Add the milk mixture and the molasses to the rest of the mix. Stir to combine. Do not over mix.
  2. Grease your muffin tin and fill it up. Cook until brown on top, and a skewer comes out clean.
  1. If you want this to be sugar free (or close to it), leave out the sugar and molasses and add ¼ cup of rice malt syrup instead.
Adapted from Talia Carbis
Adapted from Talia Carbis
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Grandma's bran muffinsGrandma's bran muffins