Sunshine Coast Newborn Video – Welcome Zeppelin

We’re still away in New Zealand, so I’m sharing a few bits and pieces until we come back. This newborn video I’m sharing with you today is a Welcome video I did a few weeks ago for baby Zeppelin. He is absolutely adorable, and I am keen for some cuddles with him when we get home!

Welcome videos are a lovely way to capture those special little moments in your baby’s first few weeks, and remember their little newborn movements and the way their siblings interact with them. It is the sweetest thing!

I hope you enjoy watching Zeppelin’s video. :)

Travel Video – Hobart

So one of the things I was most excited about with our Hobart holiday was filming it & making some videos with the footage. I’m a sucker for good travel video & I really need to practice my skills!

I wanted to get one main holiday video edited before we headed off to New Zealand (where we are now!) and I did. It finished uploading just before we left, yay!

This video is just a highlight mashup of our trip. I plan to make a few more short videos on specific things like Mt Wellington and Zoodoo etc. but I will do those when time allows. I have a fair bit of paid video work on when I get back from New Zealand so personal projects will have to take a back seat while I get those done!

Without further ado, here’s the video: