Dear Ahava // Three Months

3 month old baby

Dear Ahava,

Who are you my dear? Cuddly, joyful, playful. Beautiful, for sure. Strong and with a certain wisdom in your eyes. Patient with your bothers too, which is handy!

What did we get up to while you were 2 months old? Well, we had Purim. You went dressed as a bee which was super cute. 🙂 

You outgrew all of your 0000 clothes, and fit your 000 quite nicely. Even though I guess you should be moving up to the 00 now that you’re three months. I think you might stay a month or so behind the size guide. 🙂 You grew out of your baby swaddle, and so I thought I’d try you without it for a week or so and see if you are ready to just be cuddled. You are not. For the first time in your life you were awake for hours during the night not wanting to go back to sleep! You are definitely a swaddler! I bought the next size up just a few days ago and you are back to sleeping normally.

The weather is cooling down, at least in the evenings, and so we are into snuggly, snuggly wonder suits as PJs, yay!

You are nearly laughing. You do BIG open mouth smiles, and you love to coo and blow bubbles, especially when someone is hovering over you watching, and mimicking you.

3 month old baby

Your big brothers love you very much. They are both kind and rough with you. At the moment you seem to just roll with it. It will be interesting to see what you’re like when you have more of a voice, and can move a little. Speaking of moving, you are so strong! You push yourself around on the ground when you’re upset. You have great head control (as you have for quite a while now), and can easily hold it up for very long periods of time. You like tummy time just as much as the next kid. Which is to say that you tolerate it, but it’s not many baby’s most favourite thing, you know? Anyway, you’re pretty good at it. You like to swat at things and can sometimes spend quite a decent amount of time on the play mat hitting stuff. You are not a big fan of the car, but you’re tolerating it more lately. I tried to give you a toy in there, but it’s still a bit hard. We just minimise our car trips, which is better for everyone anyway. Even the boys get a bit sick of the car if we’ve had a big day of outings.

Well Ahava, that’s about it I think! We still love cuddling in the ergo, and putting you to sleep this way. You still love your dummy, though I’ve been mindful to not just give it to you all the time. I love your smile. Your finger nails are SO long and sharp, and they hurt a lot, but I cut the top of your thumb off this month and Lior made me feel really bad about it (+ I already felt terrible!), so I am too scared to try again! You’re not scratching yourself, only others, so we’ll just leave it for now!!

Love you to the moon and back Ahava. xo



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